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People Using Their Nipples to Unlock Apple's iPhone 5s (Video)

Ever since Apple's iPhone 5s went on sale last Friday, people have found creative ways to unlock the device, which uses a fingerprint scanner called the "TouchID."

An iPhone 5s user must register himself, or herself, by scanning and saving their fingerprint with the TouchID. The iPhone 5s will then open when that same finger is applied to the device's home button.

However, TechCrunch was able to register a cat's paw as a user and Pocket-Lint used a man's toe to open the popular gadget.

Not to be outdone, several iPhone 5 users, male and female, are using their nipples to open their iPhone 5s.

Of course, these users also had to place videos (below) of themselves online using their nipples to unlock their phones.

Any part of the body with skin can be used to open the iPhone 5s, which creates a wide range of possibilities.

One iPhone 5s owner told the Daily Mail, "I'm glad Apple's scanner recognizes nipples, it just goes to show how ridiculous the premise is in the first place. Now if anyone tries to mug me, they'll have to cut one of my nipples off if they want to use my phone, and I'm not telling them which one."

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