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PDP Focuses on Gamer’s Needs and Styles in New Product Lines

For many gamers, just as important as the video game and console experience may be, the functionality of gaming peripherals is equally as important to the overall experience and enjoyment factor of it all. Because not all first party gaming peripherals are as detailed or diversely crafted as some gamers would want them to be, third party peripheral developers have laid down some pretty deep roots with many gamers. And while there were plenty of amazing designs and products at E3 that showcased some of the best and innovative third party peripherals for the coming year, I would have to say that out of all the offerings at the show the team over at PDP had the most diverse and finely developed offerings I found.

Some gaming peripherals made by PDP were for specific and individual titles while others had this aesthetic feel that would appeal to the mass gaming market out there. Each product going through a long and rigorous testing and development phase to deliver the highest quality product they could out to the market – no matter which age group, fan base or demographic they are intended for. Here is a quick rundown of some of the products at PDP that impressed me the most.

Monsters University

In a partnership with Disney, PDP has developed a line of gaming peripherals aimed at fans of the Monsters Inc./Monsters University crowd that is sure to appeal to the child in all gamers. From Wii U Gamepad covers to cases for other mobile devices and consoles, if you are a fan of Sully or Mike Wazowski then you have got to at least check these babies out for yourselves.


With the obvious casings for the standard Nintendo line of products ranging from the 3DS to the Wii U console, Nintendo has also been licensed by PDP to offer up new iPhone and mobiles casings for Nintendo fans to show off their pride where ever they may roam. One iPhone case in particular, which is a functional old school NES controller, has me pondering the switch from an Android device to an iPhone just to get to use that one for myself.


I am a huge fan and supporter of the NERF line of peripheral products for PDP. Not only because I like the look and feel of the products’ designs, but because I have personal experience just how protective these cases can be. The best example of that is a personal story which saw my 5 year old son accidentally get a hold of my brand new PS Vita just days after I got and accidentally let it drop to the hard tile kitchen floor. I do believe that if it wasn’t for the protective NERF casing on the machine it would have ruined it.

Battlefield 4 Controllers

Developed for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, these nice looking controllers are made to ease playing through what is sure to be one of the biggest FPS games of the year. With 6 mapable buttons on the back to ease through weapon and other button cycling, and firm handle and triggers for quick use and a fully lit display with the Battlefield logo on the face of the controller, for Battlefield fans, collectors and completionist this is a must have device – and I know I will be getting mine when it is scheduled to be in stores the same day the game is.

FIFA 14 Controllers

Again, for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, these controllers made specifically for FIFA 14 players are made with play style in mind. Larger back triggers allow for faster shooting times and responsive analog sticks are made for better controller of the player the gamer is controlling. Sporting a beautiful futbol design and feel, if you are a true fan of the beautiful game these controllers are definitely made for you in mind.

Afterglow Line

Last, but certainly not least, PDP’s award winning Afterglow line is back and better than ever. Featuring new inovations and designs, the Afterglow line continues to show why it is one of the best looking and most sought after peripheral line for gamers today. From the 10th Anniversary Afterglow line set to the newer Prismatic Afterglow Wireless Headsets, these products are the most visually impressive peripherals I have seen year in and year out at E3. If you are looking for something that will exponentially enhance the aesthetics of your gameplay experience, then the PDP Afterglow is for you – and me considering how many Afterglow products I own.

Despite owning peripherals from NYKO, Mad Katz and other gaming peripheral companies, PDP products continue to be the perfect example of what makes a great third party peripheral. Functionality, uniqueness and enhancing the player’s overall gaming experience. Every company that I have accessories for have their strong points, but when it comes to my buying power and dollars PDP is where I go first.


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