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'Passwords Are Dead' Says Google's Manager of Information Security

Heather Adkins, Google's manager of information security, announced on Tuesday that "passwords are dead."

Adkins was speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference when she said the "game is over" for any startup web company that uses passwords as their main method for users' security, noted CNET.

She added that "our relationship with passwords are done" and "passwords are done at Google."

Adkins explained that Google is looking into hardware-type tokens and a system that requires people to touch a device to some type of object embedded in their clothing.

Google is one of the Internet companies that has shared its users' data with the National Security Agency (NSA) without its users' knowledge.

Adkins admitted that Google had been violated by hackers who were able to get into users' accounts and use Google's two-factor authentication method to lock users out.

"They are finding new ways to make money off it, ways we hadn't anticipated," stated Adkins.

Source: CNET


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