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Parents Thwart Kidnapping Plan by Posing as Daughter on Facebook

A kidnapping attempt that was planned on Facebook was thwarted after parents found out about their 15-year-old daughter talking to a man twice her age online.

Once they learned about her relationship with the man, which started in April, the parents told her to stop talking to him. They then took on the role of the girl during online conversations so they could lure the man to their house and have him arrested.

The parents, from Spokane, Wash., kept talking to the man through their daughter's Facebook dating application called "Are You Interested."

They found out their daughter had already met him face-to-face in May, and they had made plans to elope.

Plans involved the man taking the girl from her home and having her change her name and appearance so she would not get caught.

The parents continued the eloping plan online with the man, convincing him to come take the young girl from their house.

The man arrived at their house early June 8 and planned to meet the girl out in an alley. 

But instead of finding the girl he thought he was going to marry, he found the daughter's father and several of his friends. The men trapped him and called police, who came to arrest him

He was identified as Jason D. Richards and was 30 years old. Richards now faces charges of child rape and kidnapping. His bond is set at $100,000. 

Sources: Inquisitr,Huffington Post


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