Parents Outraged Over ‘Party’ Twitter Page With Drunken, Naked Teens


Parents in Long Island, NY are shocked and appalled by a popular Twitter page where teens post embarrassing pictures of themselves and their friends partying.

The Twitter page is called "LIPartyStories" and features pictures of underage drinking, nudity and teens passed out. The page has more than 23,000 followers, notes My Fox NY.

The teens often include their names and schools with the lewd pictures.

“Once it’s out in cyberspace there’s no taking it back,” Marg Lee, of the anti-DUI group DEDICATEDD, told CBS New York. “If an employer is going to be looking for someone to represent their company you’re not going to want somebody that’s been all over the web.”

However, judging by the pictures posted by theDaily Mail, from the Twitter page, it might be a good idea if these teens stay out of the workplace and off the road.

“Teens who are not using good judgment and parents who are clueless,” added psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell. "Once someone else has forwarded it to somebody else, it’s out there in cyberspace and you can never get it back.”

In response to news stories, the LIPartyStories Twitter page recently posted, "The hype was definitely real today. Get ready because were coming back with bigger, better, and more crazier s--- than before."

Sources: Twitter, CBS New York, My Fox NY, Daily Mail


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