Papa John's Pizza Sued for 500,000 Unsolicited Text Messages to Customers


Papa John's Pizza has been hit with a class action lawsuit, which accuses the restaurant chain's marketing company OnTime4U of sending 500,000 unsolicited text messages to customers across the U.S.

The customers who were texted could receive $500 or more in damages for each text message -- for a total of more than $250 million.

The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court in Seattle, Washington.

Papa John's did not respond to reporters' inquiries, reports 

In the stock market, Papa John's Pizza fell 34 cents to $49.10 after dropping as low as $46.72  yesterday. Owner, CEO and multi-millionaire John Schnatter has also come under fire during the past week for saying he'd reduce workers' hours in response to Obamacare costs.


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