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Pac-Man Makes a Comeback

Did you know about the Pac-Man cartoon coming to Disney XD this week? Did you know there was a video game to accompany it? Well, if Namco Bandai has it’s say, this will be the year Pac-Man makes his comeback and takes back his role as a worldwide icon.

A very long time ago some bad guys tried to take over Pac-World. When they failed, they were banished to the underworld where they rotted away and lost their physical forms. Now, being lead by Betrayus, an army of ghosts have risen to claim Pac-World once and for all. The only thing in their way is a young, loud mouth, food obsessed Pac-Man.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will come out this Fall for the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. It will also come out for the 3DS, but that version is a little different. I’ll get to that in a second.

The Bandai side of Namco Bandai is feverishly making new toys for the Pac-Man line. You can buy plushies, a Pac-Man who eats things, and spinning battle ghosts (just to name a few).

The game will contain events as well as the art style of the cartoon. You will play as Pac-Man as he defends his people by eating nearly everything, including ghosts. He’ll eat lots of ghosts. He can also gobble up special pills that will transform Pac-Man and give him special abilities. In the demo I played, Pac-Man became a chameleon where he whipped his tongue around to eat enemies at a distance as well as swing from pole to pole. He was also able to go invisible for a short amount of time.

The 3DS version is being targeted to younger fans. It will be a side scroller with a lower difficulty setting. While being on a different system, Namco Bandai has ensured that it will have the same art style as the show and console game.

The show and game tie-in aren't the only thing Pac-Man coming this year. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (inhale) will be coming this fall to downloadable marketplaces. DX+ will contain more of what made DX great while also making it more Namco in general. As planned paid DLC, DX+ will contain re-skinned levels to make the game appear as classic Namco arcade titles, such as Dig Dug. It sounds a little cheap, but wait until you see it. It may be the same game, but it hits totally different nostalgia buttons. It works. Also, if you’re a DX veteran, you can get some of the DLC free. Namco Bandai hasn’t specified in what way, however.

That’s not all. Namco Bandai has announced Pac-Man Museum Collection for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. These collections contain three games. You get the original, classic, Pac-Man. You also get Pac-Man Championship Edition (no DX), but what’s most notable about the collection is it comes with Pac-Man Battle Royale. For those not in the know, Pac-Man BR is a multiplayer Pac-Man game where four players avoid ghosts while trying to eat power pellets to grow eat one another.

So Namco Bandai will release a toy line, a tv show, and four new games all dedicated to Pac-Man. Everything I just wrote about it coming this year. Pac is back.

There’s a little something there for everyone, don’t you think?


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