Oregon Police Use Google Earth to Bust Pot Farmer


Oregon police busted Curtis W. Croft for his backyard marijuana growing operation recently, after they used satellite images from Google Earth to view his property.

Local police were originally tipped off about Croft’s side business after he was heard bragging about his crops around town. When the department received the tip, one officer decided to check an aerial view of Craft’s property line and discovered the neat rows of greenery.

The image showed a dozen rows growing in Croft's backyard.

Because Google Earth images are sometimes out of date, The Rogue Area Drug Enforcement Team sent an aircraft over Croft’s property just outside of Grant's Pass to confirm the image. The Google satellite images were taken in June, though the flight confirmed that the 50-year-old was still in business.

Though medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, only a certain amount can be grown.

Police checked medical records and confirmed that Craft was a registered caretaker with five patients, though he was caught growing three times the legal amount – that is, 94 plants instead of 30.

Crost was arrested on drug charges and released last week.

Sources: Digital Trends, NY Post


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