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Ontario Family Decides To Live Life Likes It’s 1986

An Ontario family is living life like its 1986 in a strange experiment that is already having some pretty good results. Stay-at-home dad Blair McMillan, 26, and his girlfriend Morgan Patey, 27, live with their two sons, Trey, 5 and Denton, 2. The couple decided to live like it was 1986 (the year they were both born) after McMillan had a frustrating conversation with Trey.

“It was a beautiful day and I asked Trey if he wanted to go outside,” McMillan said. “Trey didn’t even look up from the tablet he was playing on and told me he didn’t want to go. It got me thinking that when Morgan and I were kids, this kind of technology didn’t exist and we were always playing outside.”

Following that incident, McMillan and Patey decided that the family would live like it was the 1980s for a full year and even went so far as to change their hair and wardrobe, TODAY Moms reported.

“We packed up our computers, tablets, cell phones, flat screen TVs and so on and put them into storage,” McMillan said. “Instead we bought an old wooden TV, a radio, a rotary phone and a Nintendo!”

The transition actually ended up being more difficult for the adults than it was for the kids.

“It took Morgan a little longer to get used to the idea,” McMillan said, “but as it got closer and closer to the day we were going to shut everything down and I started signing out of my email and social media accounts, I started feeling like, ‘Holy cow, what have I done?’”

The family adopted a dog so they could go on walks together and they have been spending a lot more time outside. McMillan believes the experience has helped improve his parenting skills as well.

“As parents, we communicate more and have become way more hands on,” McMillan said. “Instead of a tablet teaching my child what the color ‘orange’ is, we have to go outside and show the boys what the color looks like ourselves. What’s funny is that the simplest things are now the things that entertain Trey the most. He loves to go outside and pull weeds with me or turn over rocks and find bugs.”

Even when the weather gets cold, McMillan still has a plan. “My cousin just dropped off a bunch of Schwarzenegger VHS tapes for us. I’m saving those for the winter when we have nothing else to do,” he said.

Sources: TODAY Moms, Bayou Buzz


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