OKCupid Dating Site Allows Users to Pay to Filter Out Unattractive People


The normally free dating website OkCupid.com has added a new pay feature which allows users to block "overweight," "full figured," "used up" and "average" looking people from their dating searches.

To filter out the undesirables and filter in "Thin," "Skinny," and "Jacked," users must pay $7.95 a month.

While some people say this speeds up the dating search to find that Mr. or Miss Right, critics claim it's a harsh way to block people out solely based on looks.

You can also narrow out the ugly people as well, after paying, notes Kernalmag.com:

Once you’re a paid-up member, you can hide “ugly” people too, using other members’ crowdsourced ratings to filter out those who have been deemed unattractive by the site’s user base. Only want to see people rated a stunning five out of five stars? You can: just pay first.

If you really want to narrow it down, you can play with the premium “dating personas”. Only want to see attractive, thin, “random brutal sex dreamers”? OkCupid caters for this, too.

The Daily Mail reports that an anonymous female OkCupid user responded to the new memberships with unease: "I've been using OkCupid for just over a year now, and it's pretty disconcerting to think men have the ability to filter me out by my body type."

"However, the function is still placing a lot of trust in people's accurate description of themselves. I myself have been lucky that every guy I've met from the site has looked their pictures, but others I know have had some horrible surprises when they meet in person."

Sources: Daily Mail and Kernalmag.com


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