Now You Can Be Nagged by Fake Girlfriend, Too

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One of the joys of being single is that isn't woman around to nag you. (Send your complaint letters to my editor, not me.) But now there is a new service that provides men with a fake girlfriend who, for some reason, nags you, too.

MSNBC's "Digital Life" reports on a new website called that services men (not that way!) who don't have a girlfriend but need one.

It's not an escort service or anything like that; in fact, the man never even meets a woman. The service sends perfectly-timed "girlfriend-esque" text messages and voice mails to the man's phone just so he can show them to his friends or potential mates and say, "See, I have a girlfriend!"

Messages include:

-- "I just need someone to talk to... Call me?"
-- "Why don't you leave the boys and come hang out with me?"
-- "Please come hang out with me? Please? I really miss you."

Hmm. These are the types of comments that cause a man to break up with a girlfriend. And they want a person to pay for the privilege of getting these annoying, nagging messages from a fake girlfriend?

The website is very short on details, and does not say how much, if anything, this service costs.


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