Nigel Clarke Shows How to Avoid Call Center Menus on New Website

Former IT manager Nigel Clarke has created a website, PleasePress1.com, that lists thousands of shortcuts to get past call center menus and long lists of recorded options.

According to The Telegraph, Clarke spent seven years (and quit his job last year) gathering the info and creating the number sequences.

"My small personal frustration hobby (grew) into a passionate personal campaign to which I have dedicated a lot of time and thought,” Clarke wrote on his website.

Clarke, who lives in the UK, made more than 12,000 calls while mapping the automated call centers, some with as many as 80 options to choose from.

Many call center menus also insert recorded advertising, which delays callers even more, said Clarke.

Clarke claims with better menu design, a three million caller hours could be saved.

The site is funded by Clarke’s own money, but he plans to add advertising. Clarke will also continue campaigning against the use of confusing automated phone menus by corporations.

Sources: The Telegraph and PleasePress1.com


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