New 'WildCat' Robot Can Run 16 MPH (Video)

Boston Dynamics recently unveiled it's new robot, which is sort of a four-legged Terminator.

According to Boston Dynamics' YouTube page, the "WildCat" is being developed "to run fast on all types of terrain" and is now up to 16 mph on flat surfaces.

WildCat has two motion settings, "gallop" and "bound," which were demonstrated in a Massachusetts parking lot (video below).

The robot is being funded by DARPA, which is well known for its outrageous military inventions, including cyborg insects, notes TrendHunter.com.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Boston Dynamics' founder Marc Raibert thinks WildCat could eventually be part of "emergency rescue, firefighting, disaster recovery, agriculture and supporting military operations."

Not everyone is enthusiastic about WildCat though.

Deadspin.com writes:

Seriously though, f--- this thing. You may look at it and see a triumph of engineering, but I see a potential killing machine that is just begging to have an M60 strapped to its back and a "search and destroy" directive uploaded into its CPU.

Sources: TrendHunter.com, Deadspin.com, Los Angeles Times, YouTube


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