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New Verizon DVR Could Watch Viewers' Habits, Products Inside Homes

Verizon has filed a patent for a DVR that uses sensors to record what viewers are doing in their homes in order to target them with specific advertisements.

The DVR would use a depth sensor, an image sensor, an audio sensor and a thermal sensor to find out what people are doing near the TV, reports

For example, if a couple is having an argument in front of the TV, a marriage counseling ad might come up.

The sensors would also be able to detect if a viewer is watching the TV screen so that Verizon could play similar ads in the future.

The detection sensor would in some cases be able to identify animals, retail products with brand images or words, furniture and decorations.

The DVR would also be able to detect and communicate with cell phones and stream ads that correspond to what the viewer is looking at on his or her cell phone.

Verizon released a statement to CBS Radio about the issue of privacy: “Verizon has a well-established track record of respecting its customers’ privacy and protecting their personal information. As a company that prizes innovation, Verizon takes pride in its innovators whose work is represented in our patents and patent applications."


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