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New ‘True Love Tester Bra’ Is Practically A Modern Day Chastity Belt (Video)

A Japanese lingerie company claims their new bra will unlock only when it detects “true love.”

Ravijour’s “True Love Tester Bra” is a high-tech chastity belt for women’s chests that supposedly senses when a woman’s emotional state becomes “truly amorous.”

“Until now, the bra was a piece of clothing to remove, but now it is an instrument to test for true love,” a woman says in a video promo.

The bra contains a hidden sensor that syncs up via Bluetooth to an app on the owner’s phone. The app analyzes the wearer’s heart rate, and when the wearer’s heart rate hits a certain point, the bra unhooks on its own.

The bra is designed to “save women” from certain types of guys, such as the touchy-feely “animal,” “the flashy guy” who uses money to pick up women, and “the technician,” who tries to pick up on multiple women at once.

The “True Love Tester” may be here to “save women,” but it’s not the first piece of clothing to make this claim. A New York company announced it was developing “AR Wear,” Anti-Rape Wear, in November, underwear that is difficult to remove forcefully from a woman’s body.

Perhaps the biggest surprise about this seeming chastity bra is the fact that it was designed by men.

While people can’t buy the bra directly, they can win a chance to try it out by spending more than $50 on the company’s website, according to the New York Daily News.

No word yet on how, or if at all, women can unclasp the bra if they don’t find “true love.”

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