New Sex Toy 'Mojowijo' Works Online with Nintendo Wi


Skype sex has just found a whole new way to get interesting. If you have a Nintendo Wii, and have a partner who is long distance then the Mojowijo might be just for you. I wonder how they came up with that name. I get the mojo part, but the rest just makes it sound like you are headed to a Native American casino and not buying a sex toy.

Apparently though this toy can be controlled by your partner who is across the room or across the world. The toy can be connected to a laptop wirelessly and then controlled remotely. Yep. By someone 10,000 miles away. See, now that is technology.

Someone probably spent a long time figuring out how they could have better long distance sex and they came up with this. They are motion activated. Well, all I have to say is you better remember to clean up everything before the kids come downstairs and want to bowl a few frames on their Wii before school.


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