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New Phone Apps Create Fake Boyfriends, Girlfriends For Users

Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend are two new cell phone apps that create fake relationships for users.

Invisible Boyfriend and Girlfriend create fake photos, text messages and voicemails to give the impression that single people are in relationships.

Business Insider notes that users can pick the picture, age and interests of their fake partner.

“It really helps people tell a better story about a relationship they’re not in,” the apps co-creator Matthew Homann told Betabeat.

Homann and co-creator Kyle Tabor say their apps could be used by soldiers overseas and people who are trying to provide proof to unwanted suitors that they are already taken.

Homann added, “[Imagine] you’ve got conservative grandparents in the Bible Belt who can’t believe you might be gay or lesbian."

Homann won't reveal exactly how the apps work, but did tell Betabeat, “You can tell in many cases there’s a real person on the other end of the message.”

The pictures of the fake boyfriends and girlfriends are solicited from the public on the company's websites.

“Our inaugural service is $24.99 and includes 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and 1 handwritten note,” Tabor told Betabeat. “We’re looking to create both less and more expensive packages as we learn what our users need.”

Sources: Business Insider, Betabeat
Image Credit: Invisible Boyfriend Product Image


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