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New Phone App Can Read QR Codes on Tombstones

In Minnesota, the Katzman Monument Company is offering access to high tech headstones that use a QR code [Quick Response Code], which contains digital information when scanned.

After purchasing your QR code from Katzman Monument Company, you go to and upload information, pictures and videos. 

The QR code is then physically attached to the tombstone. The QR code can then be read with a free app on your cell phone, which allows you to access the pictures and videos of your loved one.

Co-owner of the Katzman Monument Company, Loren Taple, told CBS Minnesota: “More than just the name and the date that’s printed on the stone…they want to be able to have future generations come to the cemetery and really know who Grandpa was."

QR codes are allowed in all cemeteries in Minnesota except at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery.


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