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New 'Peppr' App Matches Up Prostitutes and Clients (Video)

There are new cell phone apps coming out every day, but most quickly fade away into obscurity.

That's not likely to happen to a new app called Peppr, which matches up local prostitutes and potential clients in Germany via GPS (video below).

Potential clients type into Peppr the type of prostitute they want, including details such as: body type, male or female, eye color and the most money they are willing to pay for sex, reports UPI.

The clients pay a small booking fee to Peppr, but the app is free for prostitutes to list themselves.

Pia Poppenreiter, who created Peppr, wanted to get prostitutes off the streets and out of the cold when soliciting clients.

"I was walking down Oranienburger Strasse, I know it sounds cheesy, but it's the truth, it was chilly and I saw the poor girls on the streets, and I thought, why isn't there an app? It's not efficient to wait outside," Poppenreiter told

"We're trying to revolutionize the image of sex work in general," added Poppenreiter. "We're trying to get it away from its shabby image."

 "We have a short conversation to get the feeling that this is voluntary and they are independent sex workers," said Poppenreiter. "We try to ask them, you kind of find out in a conversation whether they're doing it on a voluntary basis, we ask them what they did before, whether they've always worked voluntarily and so on."

According to The Telegraph, prostitution has been legal in Germany since 2002 and there are even fancy "mega-brothels" in business.

Sources: UPI,, The Telegraph


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