New Oscar Mayer Device Lets You Start Every Morning With The World's Best Smell


Rejoice, bacon lovers of the world!

A new iOS device made by Oscar Mayer will allow you to start your mornings in a way all mornings were meant to start: with the sweet, succulent smell of bacon.

The company created a device called Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, which will emit the scent and sound of sizzling bacon when your alarm goes off in the morning. The device plugs into your iPhone or iPad and syncs with Oscar Mayer’s mobile app of the same name.

"With nearly two million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon," said Tom Bick, director of marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer. "That's why our team decided to develop a device to give folks what they long for most. Oscar Mayer is thrilled to bring the first-ever bacon-scented mobile device to market, giving bacon aficionados a new reason to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

Much to the dismay of your pig-flesh-loving self, the device will not be sold in stores. Oscar Mayer is giving away the device for free in a contest. You can apply here to be one of the lucky winners.

The promotional video produced for the device is a bacon lover’s dream – literally. 

“At darkest midnight, the nostrils' north star awaits you,” the video says. "When imagination blossoms, only this scent will guide you to the greatest awakening. Wake up … to the morning of your dreams."

Source: Oscar Mayer, Wake Up and Smell the Bacon


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