New iPhone App 'Office Politics' Backstabs Employees

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A new iPhone app game called 'Office Politics' has players getting promoted up the corporate ladder by backstabbing co-workers, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Billy Shipp, vice president of 'Office Politics' publisher Iddiction, told the Wall Street Journal: “This is what games are good at. You take something that is stressful, complex, and unpleasant and give people a way to escape that reality. You re-contextualize the problem and provide a new way to interact with it. “There are people who take on the roles in almost every office, they’re iconic characters.

The game includes stereotypical office characters such as Shadow Ninjas, Two-Faces, Pretenders, Office Bimbos and Old Birds.

In the game, when employees have their backs turned, tap of the thumb takes them out with a backstab, while employees facing forward have to be turned sideways to be backstabbed.

However, Shipp says he doesn’t advocate using the game's techniques in real life. “We want to give people who are frustrated a way to release their anger, to take it out in the game rather than a work."


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