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New iPhone App 'Heard' Records Everything for Five Minutes (Video)

If you have ever wanted to be like the National Security Agency and record your fellow citizens, a new iPhone app called "Heard" gives you the chance.

"Heard" records everything within earshot of the iPhone's microphone and saves the audio in the iPhone's memory for five minutes. The audio can then be saved permanently or deleted.

Heard was downloading this week but was taken offline because of tech issues. However, Apple told My Fox NY that "Heard" will be back in the app store soon (video below).

The iPhone already comes with recording options, but Hammad Saleem, the creator of "Heard," told My Fox NY: "There is alot of interest because people hear stuff and then, a little later, they realize that was worth saving and 'Heard' let's you do that."

Source: My Fox NY


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