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New iPhone App by Badabing! Searches Facebook Friends' Galleries to Find Sexy Pictures

A new iPhone app called 'Badabing!' seaches pictures posted by users' Facebook friends and finds photos of them wearing revealing clothing, or none at all.

On sale on the iTunes store for $1.99, the Badabing! app is designed to find pictures which show the most skin, reports the Daily Mail.

Once the pictures have been discovered by Badabing!, users can then browse them and share the sexy pics with others.

The Badabing! creators also plan a web-based app which would allow users to login via a website to search their Facebook friends' picture galleries.

A spokesman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency warned that the Badabing! app could help pedophiles find pictures of under-dressed youngsters, which the kids have put online.

Emma Car, of Big Brother Watch, told the Daily Mail: "Privacy is clearly at the very back of the designers mind when creating an application that enables this kind of search to be easier when it, in fact, it should be made more difficult."

"All too often there appears to be the attitude online that services can ignore directives on the minimum collection of data and privacy by design which should no longer be tolerated by internet users or the data protection regulators."

Of course, people who sign up for Facebook are made aware of the risks as are parents of children who allow their kids to post X-rated pics on Facebook galleries.


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