New Dating Site Uses DNA to Match People


LinkedIn has been enormously successful as a professional networking site, but now there is a sister website that tries to match professionals together for romance.

While eHarmony pioneered the personality test, is the first site to use people's DNA to match them up.

According to the Daily Mail, mails DNA testing kits to members, who spit in a tube and send it back to, which forwards the DNA sample to a lab that checks for two genetic markers.

The lab checks for serotonin uptake, which is believed to handle different emotions, and also checks the DNA for information about a person's immune system (component of health).

The DNA test results appear on a user's profile page, and can be compared to potential mates.

Instant Chemistry, the company that makes the DNA kits, claims there is a connection between long-term relationships and serotonin/immune system genes.

"With online dating, you have socioeconomic factors people try to match on, religion, how much you make," Ron Gonzalez, the co-founder of Instant Chemistry, told USA Today. "This is another layer on top of that so you can better find matches.

"If I could predict with 100% certainty who you will fall in love with, this would be amazing," Gonzalez added. "No technology can do that. We're very cognizant and realistic. We know a lot of variables happen when you fall in love."

"There is a science behind attraction," Elle France, co-founder of, added.

However, Mike Dougherty, director of education for the American Society of Human Genetics, says that is "looking at a very small number of genes, and you simply cannot extrapolate a prediction from those genes to long-term compatibility,"

Sources: Daily MailUSA Today


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