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New Apple 'Spaceship' Headquarters Will Boost Economy in Area

Apple's new headquarters, which is inspired by a spaceship, will take three years to complete and is expected to employ 9,200 construction workers.

An economic impact report unveiled by Apple on Tuesday revealed that the spaceship headquarters will feature 2.8 million square feet of workable space.

The report also detailed how jobs inside and outside of the building will affect Santa Clara County. They plan on hiring 7,000 new employees by 2016 to help fill the new office space. Their staff will then total at 23,400.

They also said around 41,000 jobs will be supported in the county "through expenditures by Apple and Apple employees."

It's not just the employees that make the county more money, either, as the headquarters alone will provide an additional $32 million in property tax revenue every year.

They also plan on spending $66 million to help improve public projects around the campus and surrounding neighborhood.

Sources: Inquisitr, Newsday


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