New App "LuLu" Lets Women Rate Past Dates and Boyfriends


In today's technology-laden world, many of us are more comfortable sharing information about our lives through the use of social media sites. It has become one of the main reasons people use the Internet.

Aside from social media, many of us use the Internet for dating. A new app called "LuLu" is a combination of these two online platforms, except it has a twist. 

LuLu synchs up with women's Facebook pages and allows them to "review" men they have dated. Once they're signed up, women can rate their male acquaintances on looks, commitment level, sexual prowess, and a few other categories. 

The app is similar to a quiz, where women are encouraged to answer questions about each male they've had in their lives in the past and present. Once ratings from the quiz are gathered, LuLu gives the male an overall rating on a scale from 1-10. The app also generates a list of "predetermined hashtags" to describe the male in question, such as #CleanBathroom, #BigFeet, and #WillSeeRomComs.

After the review is completed, it can be seen by other females who are interested in the man in question.

Unfortunately for men, the app is "females only" and does not allow anyone listed as "male" on Facebook to access the reviews. 

Some men are angry about the app, claiming that if the tables were turned, women would be furious by the objectification and gender discrimination. They also say the app is an invasion of privacy.

A writer from Total Frat Move says: "Apps like LuLu, which would never fly if the roles were reversed, are completely permissible despite the blatant disregard for privacy."

LuLu was released on December 4, and is described by creators as "your digital little black book" which can be used to "do your research and say goodbye to bad dates and bad dudes."


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