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Man Uses His Brain as Transmitter to Unlock Car Doors (Video)

Roger Bowley, a physicist at the University of Nottingham in the U.K., recently showed how people can extend the reach of their car's keyless entry device.

Bowley also said that his technique could help people find their cars by making their vehicles beep and flash their lights.

According to, Bowley walked 35 paces from his car, which was beyond the range of his key's remote control (video below).

However, when Bowley held the device to his head, his car lights flashed and beeped.

Bowley explained that the key remote sends electromagnetic waves to the car, and the liquid in his brain actually amplified the waves, noted the New York Daily News.

“The reason this works is that everybody’s brain is full of water,” said Bowley.

He then walked further away from his car and carried a large bottle of water.

When Bowley held the jug of water on his head and held his remote device near it, his car lights blinked.

"You’ve got the protons being pulled upward, then downward, then upward, then downward, because of the oscillating electric field," added Bowley. "That means they’re behaving rather like a radio transmitter, as they go up and down, they’re radiating energy.”

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