Man Sues Craigslist For Name Of Person Who Accused Him Of Cheating


John Goullet has filed a lawsuit against the popular social media site Craigslist over an anonymous posting that claimed he was a serial cheater.

The posting stated “Please tell my friend her boyfriend is cheating” and told people to email Goullet's girlfriend Theresa Olguin, noted

Goullet lives in New Jersey, while Olguin resides in New York City. They have been dating for three years, according to reports.

The posting also said, “I cannot tell her because we have people in common ... She deserves to know while he is screwing dozens of women even younger than his own kids.”

The New York Post reports that the lawsuit says Olguin got a letter via regular mail in April 2014 that stated, “I know you have been with John for awhile. I feel you should know that I have seen him with another woman several times ... It is not platonic.”

In his lawsuit, Goullet is demanding that Craigslist reveal the name of the person who posted the claims, which he said are false and malicious.

Sources:, New York Post
Image Credit: Craigslist Logo


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