Man Hacks Into Neighbors' Computers, Spies on Them Through Their Webcams

A man in Zaragoza, Spain was found to have hacked his neighbor's webcams, enabling him to view what they were doing from his home through his computer. 

The man allegedly hacked into their Wi-Fi and accessed their webcams, as well as other programs on their computer.

When police searched his computer, they found he recorded thousands of hours worth of material, even scenes where his neighbors were having sex, going to the bathroom or getting undressed.

The 34-year-old man posted some of the footage online.

Authorities believe he did it by cracking modem passwords to access his neighbor's computers. A Trojan virus was then installed on their computers, unbeknownst to them, allowing him to view what they were doing through their webcams.

He also took files from their hard drives and ran computer programs, like Skype, so he could listen in on their conversations.

On Thursday, police raided his home and found 500 child porn images on his computer. 

A spokesman for Spanish news site ABC said the man was using a very sophisticated system. He was described as having "low social relation skills" but a high technical ability.

Sources: NY Daily News,ABC


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