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Man Flies Drone Over Pool, Spies on Woman Sunbathing (Video)

In Orlando, Fla., an employee of the news station, Local 6, recently found a small, unmanned drone stuck in a tree.

Attached to the small drone was a high-definition GoPro camera.

According to Local 6, there was nearly two hours of video footage (below) recorded on the drone, including a bikini-clad woman sunbathing near a pool. She is unaware that the drone is spying on her.

The small drone also flew over the busy I-4 highway while recording cars below. However, moments later, the drone begins to lose altitude and the camera shuts off.

Local 6 went through the video footage and found the owner, Guimy Alexis, recording himself steering the drone in front of his apartment. Local 6 tracked him down in Altamonte Springs, Fla., which is near Orlando.

"The only thing I want to do is essentially record a flight, put some music on it, and put it on YouTube," Alexis said. "There's nothing nefarious going on."

He did not explain the part of the video where his drone was spying on the sunbather in her bikini but rather warned the public about other people using drones for wrongful purposes.

"I worry that someone will do something stupid," Alexis said. "But if someone does do something stupid, they're the bad apple, the bad egg. They're the exception, they're not the vast majority of us. The vast majority of us just do this for fun."

According to Alexis, his drone flew off and out of his control. If true, this would violate Federal Aviation Administration regulations that require users to watch their radio-controlled aircraft at all times while in flight.

"It's right above me, I'm just looking at it, and it just flies off, and I can't control it," Alexis said. "I was worried when it did go next to the highway and that was a fear. I don't trust it anymore, I'll tell you that much."

Source: Local 6

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