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Man Enters Strip Bar Wearing Google Glass (Video)

Google Glass was reportedly banned at various places such as as casinos and strip bars, but web developer Patrick Hill decided to try his luck with the latter.

Accompanied by a journalist from the New York Post, Hill tried to enter the VIP Club in New York City.

Hill (pictured right) posted a video (below) of the experiment on YouTube.

He told an unidentified doorman that Google Glass is connected to "my phone, bluetooth, email. You can connect it to Wi-Fi too."

The  bouncer charmingly replied: "So you don't have to pick up the "f*cking phone or nothing."

The doorman noticed there was a camera attached to the gadget, which Hill described as: "You can do video chatting and stuff like that. Take pictures, so they see it from your eyes."

After Hill explained to the doorman that Google Glass has a camera, he was allowed in.

However, a tech savvy bartender reported Hill to the manager who told him to leave his Google Glass at the coat check area.

Hill decided not to risk it and left.

In normal bars, Google Glass was a big hit with waitresses and female customers who wanted to try on the gadget.

Source: New York Post


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