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Man Claims Automated Google+ Email Landed Him In Jail

Massachusetts man Thomas Gagnon claims that Google is responsible for landing him in jail.

At some point in the past, something went terribly wrong between Gagnon and his ex-fiancee. Not only did the couple call of their wedding, put a restraining order was placed on Gagnon. Presumably, the two hadn’t communicated in some time. That is, until Google+ got involved.

Google+, the social network that internet giant Google is trying ever so hard to impose on Google users, is known to rake through the contacts list of gmail users and invite people to join Google+. Normally, this isn’t such a big problem. People you know will receive an email asking them to join the network. They’ll probably ignore it and move on with their day. Big deal.

But when one of your contacts is an ex-fiancee with a restraining order on you, things can get ugly.

Gagnon’s ex-fiancee received an automated Google+ email from him recently. She contacted police immediately and reported the email. Police determined that the email violated the terms of Gagnon’s restraining order, and arrested him. His attorney Neil Hourihan will argue at a February 6th hearing that Google -- not Gagnon -- should be held responsible for the illegal email.

According to internet privacy attorney Bradley Shear, an expert in his field, Gagnon may be able to bring a serious lawsuit against Google.

"If he didn't send it -- if Google sent it without his permission and he was jailed for it -- Google could be facing major liability," Shear said.

Source: RT, ABC


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