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Man Arrested After Posting Sex-Seeking Ad on Craigslist Pretending to Be Neighbor

A disturbing Craigslist joke has landed one man in jail today, as he posed as his neighbor on the popular site and invited sex-seeking strangers to her house. 

Jason T. Willis, 30, was charged with a felony and is in jail on $1,000 bond after many men showed up to the woman's house looking for sex. 

One of the men showed up wearing nothing but his coat. Needless to say, the neighbor was not amused by Willis' attempt at a joke.

In total, there were six sexually explicit Craigslist ads posted by the neighbor. When interviewed by police, he said he made them because he was just "joking" around.

Willis was charged with felony identity theft and is awaiting a May 28 court appearance. 

Though it seems odd to find amusement in such a disturbing act, he's not the only one who has posed as someone else on Craigslist to entice strange men to someone's house.

In March, a Library of Congress Archivist posed as his ex-girlfriend and sent strangers to her house who were seeking sex. 

"I'm a senior lady who is looking for some fun and adventure along with some pleasuring!!" one ad said. 

Because so many men came to her house, the woman had to post signs on her property warning them that the ads were not posted by her. The man is now charged with felony stalking.

Sources: Salon, Daily Dot


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