Man Allegedly Denied Access To EasyJet Flight Because Of Tweet


EasyJet, one of Europe’s budget airline services that offers cheap flights throughout the continent, the Middle East and North Africa, allegedly denied a passenger access to his flight because of a tweet he posted criticizing the company. While passenger Mark Leiser was waiting for his flight, he sent out a message on Twitter that read the following: “Flight delayed 90min. Soldier going to miss last connection & @easyjet refusing to help pay for him to get to Portsmouth. Get right into em!” 

Leiser is not a soldier but a P.hd student specializing in cyber, IP and commercial law. He was tweeting in an attempt to help a fellow passenger that was a soldier.

Following that tweet, Leiser posted, “Manager from easyjet just said I couldn’t board flight because I criticised @easyJet on twitter before boarding the flight.”

Just as Leiser’s criticism of the company was made public for all to see (including the manager) his accusation that he was denied access to his flight was made public for all to see (including the company’s social media team). EasyJet responded to Leiser’s accusation that he was denied on the basis of his twitter comments with the following two tweets (combined here): “@mleiser Hi Mark, we are sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. NO passenger will be denied boarding due to comments made on ... twitter. Please send us a DM so that we can sort this out for you. Best regards, NK.”

EasyJet also responded to the situation offline with a statement that stretched longer than 140 characters: “EasyJet has never denied boarding due to comments on social media. On the rare occasion that we consider denying boarding it is on the basis of disruptive behaviour," a company spokesperson informed The Atlantic Wire.

The spokesperson continued to explain that Leiser was eventually allowed on the flight despite an “altercation at the gate.” 

Leiser continues to write about the incident on Twitter, claiming that he will write a lengthier explanation of the events soon.


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