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Man, 29, Meets Father for First Time Thanks to Facebook

Terrell Starr, 29, had a difficult upbringing in Detroit, Mich. His grandmother raised him alone, while is mother was in the military and his father whereabouts were unknown.

Despite his difficult circumstances, Starr was able to obtain a Fulbright Scholarship and earned two masters degrees.

Still, he wondered where his father was, and what his life would have been like if he had him in it.

He logged onto Facebook in 2009 to see if he could locate "Chris Truesdale," and was shocked to find that he had a profile.

On the Today Show, Starr said, "I didn't believe that anyone would actually reply because I was just so used to being without him. I thought that I was going to live the remaining years of my life without knowing who my father was."

Truesdale only purchased a computer two weeks before Starr wrote him. He was surprised to find a message from Starr, with the subject line "looking for a father."

Starr was at the time studying in the Ukraine. But Truesdale didn't need to see him in person to know it was his son.

"When I saw the picture…oh yeah," he said. "We don't have to go to Maury [Povich]."

Starr said he still wonders how he survived his upbringing with only his grandmother to take care of him.

"If I had to deal with gangs and fight my way to school, that's what I had to do," he said. "Sometimes I would come back to the house with cuts on my cheek from fighting, and she would simply say, 'Did you get your shots in?' I often wondered if, when things were really tough, if he knew I was here, would he come and get me?"

While Starr was in a different country, he Skyped his father, and the two finally met in 2011.

Truesdale even took in his son while he was trying to find a job

"I'm not a guy that has children and don't take care of them," he said. "Shoot, I mean, had I known he was my child, he'd have been right there."

Starr has since moved out, but the two remain close.

"I love him. We do grown adult things together, and he came at the perfect time in my life," Starr said. 

Sources: Inquisitr,NBC


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