Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Flight Path Diverted Via Computer System


In the days following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, numerous theories have emerged regarding both the plane’s whereabouts and its reason for crashing. Suspected causes for the disappearance have included weather, terrorism, and, more recently, murder-suicide carried out by the flight's two co-pilots.

The newest reports from the investigation indicate that the flight path’s diversion away from its intended route — from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing — was carefully orchestrated. According to the New York Times, the plane could only have been diverted by someone with knowledge of the aircraft's computerized cockpit system. The flight veered to the west after an individual had typed specific keystrokes into the plane’s flight management system, investigators claim.

This planned flight diversion supports the theory that the plane’s disappearance was intentional. Initial reports had indicated that the flight lost communications with ground controllers due to maintenance failures, but officials from various governments now believe those failures may have been carried out by individuals on board the aircraft. Because the flight was diverted via the computer system rather than manually, any individuals involved in foul play would have to have been highly knowledgeable about the plane. 

Despite this new theory, investigators are no closer to actually finding tangible evidence of the plane’s remnants. Multiple governments, including the U.S., Australia, and Indonesia, are aiding China and Malaysia in the search for the missing aircraft.

According to CBS News, investigators are checking the backgrounds of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members of the flight in order to determine a suspect potentially responsible for a mass murder, sabotage or suicide.


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