'Look Up' Viral Video Encourages Us To Cut Down On Our Use Of Social Media And Smartphones

A video showcasing the ways social media is encroaching too fast on every aspect of life has ironically gone viral across the Internet.

The short film, titled “Look Up,” was created by London writer Gary Turk, and shows him reciting a poem which encourages people to "look up from your phone, shut down the display and take in your surroundings. Make the most of today."

People today are missing out on so many important real life events because they are too immersed in technology, Turk says, according to the New York Daily News. Even while hanging out with friends, people still stare into their smartphones, checking Facebook or Twitter.

“This media that we call social is anything but when we open up our computers and it’s our doors we shut,” he says in the video.

Along with Turk's voice over, the five-minute clip, includes a story which shows a man and woman falling in love after she gives him directions. They go on to buy a house, have children and grandchildren together.

The couple are then shown meeting at the same spot, but failed to see each other because the man was too busy looking at his phone as the woman walks passed him.

Studies suggest social media can make people more lonely and less sociable.

Ethan Kross, psychologist at the University of Michigan, conducted an experiment where 82 participants filled out surveys every day about their Facebook usage, Mirror.co.uk reports.

“The more they used Facebook over two weeks, the more their life satisfaction levels declined over time,” the study claims.

Turk ends his short film by saying, “Stop watching this video. Live life the real way.”

The video has already garnered over 26 million views after being posted on YouTube on April 25.

Watch it in its entirety below:


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