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Liquid Nitrogen Lamp 'Nebula 12' Recreates Weather Indoors

If you're one of those folks who wants outside weather inside your home, then you're in luck, thanks to a new invention by the Micasa Lab in Switzerland.

The Micasa Lab has created a liquid nitrogen weather lamp, Nebula 12, that will recreate the weather in your own home, reports The Guardian.

Nebula 12 uses a combination of  liquid nitrogen, WiFi, and a high-powered vacuum suction to create a cloud of steam that responds to real-time weather outside.

The lamp connects to your smartphone, gathers meteorological data via the web and recreates the climate indoors.

The Micasa Lab says that you could “wake up to a flooding yellow light on a sunny day or below a real cloud on that overcast winter morning. It can be used as an atmospheric source of light for romantic evening meals or high-stress business meetings, doing homework, when reading, or just chatting.”


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