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Laura Safe Walks and Texts, Falls into Icy Canal

While many people boast about their ability to multitask, the act often gets people into unsafe situations. Talking on the phone and driving, for instance. Or, texting and walking, as one woman can attest. 

Laura Safe of Birmingham, England was texting her boyfriend and walking, when she suddenly fell into an icy canal. She said she saw the canal at the corner of her eye, but thought it was just pavement since it looked dark.

"Oh dear. I should really be called Laura UNsafe after the day I've had! Lol," she tweeted. "I thought ice on the canal was pavement because it looked dark in the corner of my eye."

A surveillance camera caught the incident on tape, as Safe walked down stairs into a shopping center's plaza and suddenly drops into canal waters. 

One person saw Safe, and tried to call out to her, but it was too late. 

Neil Edginton said he realized she was focusing on her phone and didn't see the water. "I shouted to her to stop but it was too late. I dropped my phone and ran over to her. I had to lay down on the side with my arms in the water because she was submerged and pulled her out."

Safe was not seriously injured. She said she has learned her lesson about texting.

"I'm a lot more cautious," Safe said. "I don't text any more. I'm too scared." reached out to Safe for comments, but Capital FM Radio said she was on a skiing vacation.

"We've sent her off with a lot of padding," Gaynor Martin, program administrator, said. 

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