LA High Schools Take Back Free iPads One Week after Students Hack into Them

Officials at high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District are calling “take back” on over a thousand iPads they gave away to students last week as part of a 47-school pilot program.

This comes after hundreds of students unsurprisingly, and perhaps way too easily, figured out how to hack into security settings on their iPads. Another 71 kids reportedly lost their iPads, according to The Daily Caller.

Each iPad cost the district $700 as part of a pilot program that would eventually see each student receive an iPad as part of a technology plan that will cost $1 billion.

While students at Westchester High School and Roosevelt High School have had their iPads confiscated as of Friday, one Roosevelt teacher told the Los Angeles Times that about one-third of the iPads still remain unaccounted for.

District officials clearly underestimated students who easily hacked into the devices’ security systems, frustrated that they couldn’t surf the Internet freely or visit social media and music websites.

“We could see this thing coming,” Sarah Bradshaw, chief staff for District 5 of LAUSD told ABC News.

As for those missing iPads, parents and students at different schools were previously given contradictory information regarding who would pay for any lost device, according to The Daily Caller.

“It’s extremely disconcerting that the parent and student responsibility issue has not been hammered out, and that different parents and students received different information during the rollout,” Monica Ratliff, a member of the district board of education told the Los Angeles Times.

School officials view the hacking problem as only temporary and think they will find a way to prevent students from using their school-issued iPads in non-school related forms.

“We don’t have a firm timeline on when students can take the devices home yet.” school district spokesman Thomas Waldman said. “We are working with Apple to develop a solution.”

Sources: Los Angeles Times, The Daily Caller, ABC News


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