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Jared Frank May Get A Lot Of Money After Taking A Boot To The Head (Video)

A Canadian man who got kicked in the head by a train conductor and is featured in a YouTube video may make him a lot of money from the internet sensation.

According to the New York Post, Jared Frank, 22, of Regina, Canada, recently traveled to Peru when he attempted to take a selfie while a train passed behind him, and ended up taking a boot to the head.

Frank's video of his strange encounter went viral last week on YouTube, garnering more than 22 million views. It also sparked a deal with a California-based media company offering him thousands of dollars for the footage, CBC News reported.

“I got all these different offers … and they were all legit,” he said.

Frank agreed to a deal with the firm Jukin Media, which could net him anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000, CBC reported. There is also potential for more revenue from licensing agreements.

The video will make $2 to $16 per 1,000 views and Frank will receive 70 percent of that, he said.

Frank plans to use that money to pay for film school and help him take a trip to South America.

“I have a decent relationship with the licensing company, so I trust them,” he said.

His fame has also gained him nearly 6,000 new subscribers to his YouTube channel. Other YouTube stars have approached him to generate more content.

Check out the original video below if you haven't already seen it:


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