Japanese Artist Charged With Obscenity Over 3D Print Data Of Her Vagina


A Japanese artist was charged with obscenity after emailing 3-D print data of her vagina.

Megumi Igarashi, 42, works under the name Rokude Nashiko, which translates to “bastard kid.”

The files were part of a campaign to make kayaks shaped like her genitalia.

Igarashi raised about $9,844 on a crowdfunding site to build a “Manko-Boat,” which she described as “a man’s dream boat.” She had planned to sail the boat across Lake Geneva in Switzerland, according to the New York Daily News.

She promised her backers that she would email them a link to data files so they could print a 3-D copy of her vagina.

The file was sent to 30 backers who donated about $100 a piece. Police arrested her shortly thereafter.

Despite a colorful and copious porn industry in Japan, obscenity laws ban the depiction of actual genitalia, which is blurred or censored in pornography.

Igarashi’s arrest has sparked outrage among activists who feel the laws are too strict.

Sources: New York Daily News, TechCrunch

Image credit: Megumi Igarashi


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