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iPhone Rumors: iPhone 5C to be Colorful and Less Expensive

Apple’s upcoming media event is rumored to include the launch of new products that may be cheaper, more colorful and more efficient than their predecessors.

The tech company is expected to unveil some new iPhones and iPads at their conference Tuesday, according to Fox News.

Rumors surrounding the new products suggest that a new iPhone — called the iPhone 5C — will be revealed at the event.

The iPhone 5C is thought to be cheaper and more colorful than the regular iPhone 5. The “C” may stand for “color.”

In an email about the event, Apple officials said their new product would “brighten everyone’s day.”

The iPhone 5C is also expected to cost about $300, which is cheaper than the usual Apple product, because it may not include some features, such as Siri, and may have a plastic casing.

The changes to the new products, for the most part, are suspected to be superficial, except for a possible new thumbprint scanning feature and a faster-working phone.

A new, thinner and sleeker iPad design is also expected to be unveiled Tuesday.

The screen- size of the iPad may stay the same but the width of the iPad is expected to decrease.

Another rumor currently circulating is that Apple is designing a “wristwatch-like device.”

Source: Fox News


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