iPhone 6 Users Complain Phone Rips Out Hair


Following complaints of the new iPhone 6 bending, iPhone owners have now said that the phone rips out their hair.

The new controversy has been branded by social media users as “hairgate,” following the previous “bendgate” issue. Users note that the small gap between the aluminum and glass screen often catches hairs when the phone is placed near the face.

“Anyone else getting beard hairs pulled by the iPhone 6/Plus?” Chad Coleman, one Twitter user, wrote. “It catches my scruff in the seam and yanks it when I make calls.”

The new claim has prompted a number of fake ads promoting the iPhone 6 as a shaving device.

“Our best phone, and our best shave, guaranteed,” one ad reads.

Earlier in the month, Apple was forced to confront complaints of a bending iPhone. However, spokesperson Trudy Muller noted that with normal use, a bend in the iPhone is extremely rare. Apple has also noted that their phones are built with only the strongest glass in the smartphone industry and reinforced in high-stress locations with stainless steel and titanium inserts.

It is thought that the iPhone 6 may be more susceptible to bending because of its large size.

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Sources: DailyMail, The Independent


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