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iPhone 5S Fingerprint Censor Can Be Hacked (Video)

The new iPhone 5S has received tons of press for its high-tech fingerprint sensor, the TouchID, which is supposed to keep the gadget safely locked, except for the phone's registered users.

However, the Chaos Computer Club recently announced on their website that they figured out how to bypass the TouchID.

They also posted a video (below) on YouTube to document their successful hack, notes The Guardian.

First, the Chaos Computer Club photographed (high resolution, 2400 pixel-per-inch) a fingerprint of the authorized iPhone 5S user from a glass surface.

The fingerprint was made visible on the glass with graphite powder or an ingredient of superglue.

Then the digital photograph was printed onto a plastic slide using a laser printer. The plastic slide was attached to the finger of an unauthorized user, who was able to unlock the iPhone 5S.

The Chaos Computer Club wrote:

"This demonstrates – again – that fingerprint biometrics is unsuitable as access control method and should be avoided. Apple had released the new iPhone with a fingerprint sensor that was supposedly much more secure than previous fingerprint technology. A lot of bogus speculation about the marvels of the new technology and how hard to defeat it supposedly is had dominated the international technology press for days.

Apple has not issued a statement about the hack.

Sources:, The Guardian, YouTube


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