Instagram Photo Of Fast Food Eating Leads To Arrests Of Four Alleged Burglars In California

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An Instagram photo appears to have played a crucial role in police capturing some alleged burglary suspects recently.

Three adults and a juvenile were arrested by Rocklin, Calif., police after a photo of them eating $120 of Carl’s Jr. fast food was found on Instagram. The food was purchased with a credit card that had been stolen in one of the auto burglaries that took place on Saturday evening.

The four arrested are 27-year-old Leroy Jackson, 20-year-old Malek Morgan, 19-year-old Tavion Spignor and a 17-year-old. All of them are from Sacramento.

On Saturday evening, the four allegedly broke into four different vehicles that were parked in the Blue Oaks Town Center on Lonetree Boulevard and the nearby Staybridge Suites Hotel parking lots in Rocklin, according to The Sacramento Bee.

They reportedly smashed in car windows and grabbed GPS units, wallets and other items that had been left in plain sight, according to police.

One of the victims learned that one of her credit cards had been used at the nearby Carl’s Jr. to pay for $120 worth of food.

CBS Sacramento reports that officers then went to the restaurant where the manager gave them the license plate number of the suspects’ car. She also said she recognized one of the suspects as being a student at a local high school.

A shift leader, who was working at the restaurant, told The Sacramento Bee that she she wrote down the license plate because of the size of the order.

“I was the one who wrote down the license plate, because I thought it was weird,” said Katelyn Hubick. “We never see orders that big, never. And the fact that they would pay for the person behind them, and didn’t know how much that order was, I told (the trainee), ‘This is weird.’”

According to police, the manager of the restaurant, who was not identified, had thought the order was suspicious and had taken down the license plate number of the vehicle. She also thought she recognized one of the suspects as a student at a local high school, and told detectives that photos from the Carl’s Jr. order had been posted on Instagram.

All four of the suspects were arrested on suspicion of auto burglary, conspiracy, possession of stolen property and unauthorized use of personal ID.

Sources: The Sacramento Bee, CBS Sacramento


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