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IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC Allows Multiple Users at Same Time

The Lenovo Group, a Chinese company that owns IBM Corp.'s former PC business, has created a giant computer tablet, which is the size of a coffee table and allows four people use it at once.

The IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC has a 27-inch screen (the size of eight iPads) with a Windows 8 operating system. The screen can respond to ten fingers at the same time.

The Table PC includes joysticks that attach to the screen (with suction cups) for games, including multiplayer shooter games such as 'Raiding Company.'

Photos and videos can be rotated with fingers on Table PC.

Users can spread five fingers at once on the screen to clear it of clutter, while squeezing fingers together can bring contents back.

Lenovo said at the International CES on Sunday that the Table PC will go on sale this summer starting at $1,699.


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