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IBM Predicts Smart Phones will have Human's Sense of Touch in 2018

IBM has recently revealed its predictions for smart phones in 2018, reports the Daily Mail.

IBM said in a statement: "Infrared and haptic technologies will enable a smart phone's touchscreen technology and vibration capabilities to simulate the physical sensation of touching something."

In other words, you could experience the touch of Egyptian cotton sheets before even buying them.

IBM's Bernard Meyers told the Daily Mail: "One of the most intriguing aspects of this shift is our ability to give machines some of the capabilities of the right side of the human brain. New technologies make it possible for machines to mimic and augment the senses."

"And this isn’t about replacing human thinking with machine thinking. Rather, in the era of cognitive systems, humans and machines will collaborate to produce better results, each bringing their own superior skills to the partnership. The machines will be more rational and analytic. We’ll provide the judgment, empathy, morale compass and creativity."


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