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I Miss the Olden Days -- Well Sometimes

I am extremely loyal and have in the past extended that loyalty to those who didn't deserve it. Now as I age I find myself too old to spend time with people I no longer see as a value added. I have been blessed in my life to be surrounded by friends-some for as long as 55 years and most in the 30-40 year category.

But recently, within the last 5 years, I have made many new friends who seem more in line with my lifestyle, my interests and they are all ages which I now find fascinating. I have found myself relating to much younger women who are starting families. I feel like we share something-I being the older one who has experienced almost every possible child rearing experience and at the same time relish in all the new ideas for raising children and how the younger people just think about life.

I am much more concerned about the environment and issues that face our country and it's impact on the future of which my grandkids will inherit. The internet has reminded me that there are friendships that have been dormant for many years and then all of a sudden a friend request pops up. I really look at this as an opportunity to explore very old friendships and at the same time meet many new people with my same interests or hit the ignore button.

I find the internet sites like facebook amazingly entertaining but I also miss the direct contact with my friends. It takes energy to call and actually have a real live conversation and I find on some days this makes sense and at other times emailing or texting or faceboooking is easier but why I ask. I can't come up with a valid reason. Apparently, so do my friends as the actual amount of time my phones rings is less and less. I think this is the way the world is changing.

We are becoming more and more detached from real conversation unless we are actually in the presence of live people as opposed to invisible people who we communicate totally by non live conversations. Dates and activities are all arranged now by anything other than direct live conversation. I am thankful I still plan real activities where I can talk face to face with friends and family.


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