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How Snapchat Images Can be Recovered

The popular app Snapchat allows users to send videos or pictures that will self-destruct seconds after viewing on their cell phones.

However, Snapchat’s secret has apparently been hacked by researchers at Decipher Forensics, in Orem, Utah.

According to Business Week, Decipher Forensics announced that is has developed a new forensics software to retrieve deleted Snapchats for $300 to $500 per phone.

 “This type of information can be very valuable in any investigation, especially one involving exploitation of a minor,” Richard Hickman, a lead examiner at Decipher Forensics, said in a press release. “This research will help law enforcement officials retrieve what has been believed to be unrecoverable.”

Decipher Forensics' software currently only works on smartphones, but they are developing software to recover Snapchat images on iPhones.

According to The Guardian, Snapchat has been downloaded more than five million times for smartphones and was the top free download in the the Apple app store on Wednesday.

Source: Business Week, The Guardian,


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